A Simple Life

It has been what, almost a month since my last post? Since then, my husband and I have decided that we need to leave Maryland because this state is becoming more and more expensive, crime-ridden and political. We always knew that we would not be in Maryland long-term, but we never expected that we would be moving along so soon. But really, we’re out of here as soon as I get a job in another state.

We’ve chosen Wyoming. Wyoming is beautiful, huge, out west and doesn’t have a lot of people in it. We’ll also be closer to family (Phoenix and Denver) which is a huge draw, especially as we’ll probably be starting a family in the next few years.

In order to be able to do this, however, we have to start saving more money. Specifically, I have to start saving more money. The amount of savings I have is pathetic. I know where I’ve gone wrong – expensive Jeep, the concept that I can just pay bills and be ok – but I’m looking back on a lot of purchases now with some regret.

Looking at my credit card bill, my biggest offenders are fast food and just random….stuff. Candles, books, craft supplies, plants. A lot of things that I actually don’t use any more. I mean I’ve eaten all the food, sure, and I’ve burned the candles and I’ve used a lot of the craft supplies. But there are clothes I’ve purchased that I wasn’t entirely jazzed about and other random things that I definitely still own but don’t actually know where it is. There’s also a Roomba and a skateboard that I haven’t used at all (well, at least recently). I don’t need these things and I don’t use these things.

So my first step is obviously to stop buying things that I don’t actually need. I’m working very hard on not buying coffee drinks, making all my food at home (I’ve learned how to make biscuits!) and not buying things on a whim – candles, etc.

The next step is to stop these random surprise credit card purchases! Holy crap! Went to get my eyes checked and ended up spending money on contacts (a year’s supply) and new glasses (the old ones are at least three years old) but that was an expense I didn’t anticipate! Then I had to get the carpets cleaned because they literally smelled bad (thank you, dog) and we went out with friends the other day (had a great time!) but you KNOW that costs a lot of money.

Nothing unmanageable. It’s not going to break me. But in order to pay off this credit card bill I also can’t save much money. Plus I had to take money out of savings in order to pay for the carpet cleaning which is infuriating.

SO! Rules:

  1. Cook all food at home. Do not buy ANY fast food. Obviously this is much healthier. Also, no alcohol. Unhealthy and also expensive.
  2. Do not purchase ANY HOME DECORATIONS. No matter how much you try to justify it. You do not need plants, candles, Christmas things, etc. Don’t do it.
  3. No clothes. None. You clearly have enough.

Really this is a no-buy/low-buy. I still want to purchase supplies to make things (pillows, aprons, masks, etc) but I’m going to make my new hobby learning how to make things that I need and not buying things I only want.

None of this is impossible. I’m the only one holding myself back. Maybe if I have one day a week where I can buy things? That might work. I’ll have to sort that out. I’d also like to find a way to make passive income like selling books online or selling a course of some sort. Maybe a quick intro to chords on a learning site? I’ll look into that too.

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