What Do I Want Out Of Life?

  1. A Nice House – A house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a basement, a nice kitchen, lots of windows and beautifully decorated. A little bit away from people and with a view of the mountains. A backyard for the dog, a porch with chairs to sit on and space for a simple vegetable garden.
  2. A Job I Love – A job with purpose, good coworkers and that helps people. A job that challenges me and helps me grow and learn. A job that gives me new experiences and pays enough so that I don’t feel as if I can’t afford something I need.
  3. My Health – I want to be able to hike and run in the mountains. I want to be able to walk places without feeling pain and not have to worry about the bad effects of being overweight. I want to be strong so that I can lift and move things and I just straight up want to look good and fit into nice clothes.
  4. A Quality Wardrobe – I want my clothes to look nice, fit nice and last a long time. If I don’t wear it frequently then I should not own it. If I doesn’t fit me right then I shouldn’t own it. If I only sort of like it then I should not own it. If I don’t feel confident in it then I shouldn’t own it.
  5. To Live Simply – I don’t need to own a ton of things. I don’t need any more blankets – I have at least six and that is enough. I do not need any more books – I have a Kindle I can read from if I want. I also don’t particularly read the books I already have. I do not need any more sweaters, hoodies, shirts, pants or workout clothes. I have enough. I do not need any more furniture or decorations. My house looks good just as it is. I’m legitimately just going to make another list of things I do not need because there is a lot.
  6. To Make Things With My Hands – I can make blankets, so I will just make a blanket if I need to. I can sew basic items. I can create music, bowls, candles (which I don’t need so eh), etc. I would like to be able to grow my own vegetables and even flowers.
  7. To Be Surrounded By Beauty – I want to live in an area that is beautiful, that inspires me and that is relaxing. I do not want to be surrounded by clutter, useless objects or things I own simply to have them. I the things I own are not beautiful or are not useful then why should I own them? I do not need more things, I simply need useful and beautiful things.

To Do:

  1. Donate or discard any items that I do not use frequently or that I do not think are beautiful. The most difficult part of this is going to be books because I feel as if I should own them because that’s what people do – they own books. But if I’m not using them….why do I own them? And also, I can look things up on the internet, can’t I?
  2. Try to complete a ‘no buy’ period – like a week, then two weeks then a month. Make a list of things I am allowed to buy (things I NEED like cleaning supplies, self-care supplies and food) and only buy those things. Again, list of things I don’t need any more of is long and extensive.

Just going to leave that at that for now. Starting tomorrow (August 21) the only things I will buy are food, self-care supplies and cleaning supplies for one week. That works out well because I go back to work on Saturday and can actually do that.

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