New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of the year.

All of my Christmas presents have been wrapped, shipped or otherwise prepared and I’m just coasting these last few days into the holiday.

But since it is almost 2020, I also need to start thinking about how I want to improve myself next year.  I try not to set any shallow goals like “lose weight” or “build a better wardrobe” so sometimes I don’t set any goals at all.  Last year I decided to go Vegan on December 26 and stuck with that until April which was great but I haven’t been able to get back into it, particularly with maintaining my protein levels.  I know it’s possible to get more than enough protein as a vegan or vegetarian but with my schedule it is just easier to eat a lot of chicken.

I am already pretty organized so I’m not too worried about that and I have my budget pretty well set up.

So my goals for next year are:

  1. To reach new heights with fitness:
    1. To do a pullup
    2. To participate in a Spartan Stadion
    3. Run six miles without stopping
  2. To travel without going into too much debt:
    1. Rome/Switzerland/Munich in May
    2. Paris in September

I feel like having these two main goals with the very few sub goals are all manageable and I already have some pretty good outlines in place, particularly for the traveling.

I would also like to:

  1. Lower my general consumerism – only buy things I absolutely need and only after I’ve seen if there’s anything else I have that can fix the problem.
  2. Learn some sort of new skill – not sure what yet
  3. Build a better relationship with my husband

And that’s it!  If anyone has any ideas for how to build a better relationship with your significant other or what sort of new skill to learn, please leave a comment below!  What sort of resolutions do you have for your new year?  Anything you’re looking forward to?

Thanks for reading!

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