Running Coach Part Two

It’s Saturday, day 5 of my 13 days off.  So far the ‘exercise every day’ plan has not been successful.  What happens is I’ll go way too hard one day and then seriously regret it the next day.  For example, my coworker and I did a 14 mile hike on Thursday.  It was a beautiful day and I’m glad we did it because we have two rucks coming up next year that we need to be ready for, but dang if my legs didn’t hurt the next day.  Since I was hobbling everywhere, I figured it wouldn’t be a good plan to do a leg day.  My right quad still hurts a tiny bit right now but nothing that stopped me from running and doing deadlifts today.

I met with a running coach this morning at a local running trail.  He was phenomenal.  The best $40 I spent recently, if I’m being honest.  He immediately diagnosed my breathing problem (I hunch forward and tense my shoulders which makes it difficult to breathe), suggested some new breathing cadences (I had been doing 1-2-3-4 in, 1-2-3-4 out and he suggested some different patterns which will give me more oxygen) and also showed me how I was moving my arms across the center line instead of just keeping them straight.  We focused on efficiency of movement and posture.  Then he filmed me as I ran and he’s going to analyze it so we can talk about my stride and foot position during our next session.  I have felt stuck at a little over three miles recently but with this advice I definitely feel as if I’ll be able to go further than ever.  Tomorrow he said I should run 3.5 miles and I’m actually really excited to try!  He was also super cool and incredibly easy to work with.  I definitely struck gold here.

I’ll mention his name and company in the future because he did admit to me today that, while the company he runs is offering coaching, they haven’t exactly started advertising it yet because they are trying to finish some huge events they have coming up and then they’ll really start pushing the coaching.  I just sort of showed up out of the blue because I did a little research and he figured it would be a perfect test to see how it goes and here we are! lol

I’ve also suspended my Krav Maga membership until February due to my schedule.  Not that the schedule is going to get a whole lot better by February but by that point I’ll need to start amping up the effort in order to prepare for the two rucks and two Spartan Stadions I’m planning on next year.  Not having to pay for that membership for a few months is going to open up some new opportunities like more climbing and going to some ninja gyms in the area.  (I need to learn how to climb a rope!)

I deadlifted 140 pounds today!  It’s a personal best for me and I’m super close to being able to deadlift my bodyweight – 150lbs.  That’s sort of my short term goal for both deadlifts and squats.  Currently squats are still sitting at 115lbs but that’ll go up in a few days when I have my next leg day.  Should get to 120 or 125 then.  Bench press is still sad, sitting at 65lbs.  lol

Upcoming I’m going to need to buy new running shoes, keep working on my short term goals of deadlifting and squatting my bodyweight, running five miles without stopping and get my weight down to 145lbs.

So far so good!

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