Rest Day

Did 135lbs on my deadlift yesterday.  Yes, this is still measly peasly but it’s my current deadlift PR.  I’m 15lbs away from being able to deadlift my bodyweight which is super cool to me.

My squat is currently at 115.  I’m going to get to 125 during my next squat workout though.  So I’ll be 25lbs away from squatting my body weight there.

And my bench press is dun dun duuuun 60lbs.  lolol  I’m doing dumbbell chest presses which is why there is so much disparity there.  I’m not too worried about not using a barbell for these.  As my trainer explained, using dumbbells really helps all those little stabilizing muscles which will help prevent injury.  And I’m improving.  I started at 30lbs and now I’m at 60.  Why would I complain?

So, for 10/4/19 my stats are:

  • Deadlift – 135
  • Squat – 115
  • Bench Press – 60

I recently started being able to do three sets of 8 controlled chin up negatives.  I used to only be able to do 4 or 5.  So there’s more progress!  I can’t wait until I’m able to do an actual chin-up.

My pushups have gotten SO MUCH BETTER.  They’re still a struggle but I can actually DO them which is something I couldn’t do three months ago.

Not doing anything today.  Needed a break.  Recovery tiiiime!

I have a phone call with the running coach on either Monday or Tuesday because we’re meeting on the 12th.  My 5k in Baltimore is on the 19th so this comes at a pretty good time.  I’m super excited.

I did end up making my breakfast burritos but hit a snag.  I made the sausage and eggs and then went to wrap it in the tortilla with the cheese and…..there was too much stuff!!  The tortilla wouldn’t close!  So I ended up improvising and threw everything into a bowl which I can microwave.  I’m actually fine with this because the fillings were made up of just one serving of eggs and one serving of ground turkey so if I had made it to fill the burrito it would not have been that much food.  It reheats just fine so I’m definitely going to do it again.

Aaaannnddd finally, I’ve been emailing a tattoo artist in Annapolis to set up an appointment to get my next tattoo.  I’d like to set a goal and achieve it before I get the tattoo as a sort of reward but I’m having a hard time figuring out what that goal should be.  I don’t want to go crazy (do five pull-ups in a row!) because there’s a good chance I won’t make it but I don’t want to go too easy (run a 5k!) because then there’s no real challenge.

I guess I’ll see when his next appointment availability is and then set the goal in accordance to that.  lol

The tanks from the last post are still available!  Same rules apply!  First two people to post a comment on that post will get a free tank top – I’m even paying shipping!  I’ll edit that post one the shirts have been taken.

Have a great day!

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