Day Two

Went to the gym last night.  It was good.  The only people there were me and a high schooler who mostly kept to the machines for the majority of the night and was quiet otherwise.  This is why going to the gym late at night is the best.  Sometimes there are a few other people but most people are sleeping or out and about on a Friday night.

Going again later tonight – I’m trying to catch up with a few workouts that I had to miss due to a road trip.  It’s all good.  I enjoy working out.

Today is the last day of vacation so I just need to catch up on a few things like buying new uniform pants and getting new shoes for lifting.  I recently realized that I’m using running shoes (or at least cross training shoes) for lifting and I’ve heard some pretty good things on Reddit about using Converses.  I also saw a video on YouTube where Jessie Hilgenberg (love her!!) was wearing a pair of Converse to do her workout so I’m pretty hooked on the idea.  I’ll try to post a pic when I use them tonight.

The last thing I really need to focus on today (and forever really) is my nutrition.  I am CONSTANTLY overeating under the guise of ‘bulking’.  But the weight is starting to go back up and, while my measurements are staying largely the same, I know that I’m not magically gaining a bunch of muscle in a month.  I’m using MyFitnessPal to track everything, my trainer keeps giving me gentle reminders that I’m making poor choices (she’s so sweet, lol) and I KNOW that I’m doing it wrong but….Chick-fil-a is so good!!

But I have some egg whites and spinach that I’m about to cook up and made some chicken for dinner and protein bars and shakes.  I HAVE TO figure out a way to keep my calories below 1800.  I mean, 1800 is A LOT, so WHY am I going over?  lol

More on that later.  Saturdays are weigh in days and I weighed in at 153.6 this morning.  I don’t like that number.  I realize that a lot of it is leftover from the road trip I just got back from but it still bothers me.

Next Saturday I’m going to weigh in LESS than this week.  Done.  That’s the goal.

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